Coach's Corner - Caroline Cochran, South River Girls Lacrosse

This summer, CSZ will be doing a segment on the WICKipedia entitled "Coach's Corner". In this feature, we'll be conducting Q&A's with various coaches from around Maryland to learn more about their coaching processes, and why they love coaching.

Today we're featuring Caroline Cochran, who coaches lacrosse at South River High School in Anne Arundel County! Coach Cochran spoke with us about a variety of topics, including why she enjoys coaching!

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County Sports Zone:How did you get your start with coaching?

Caroline Cochran:I started coaching a year after college. I was finishing up my Master's in Teaching at UMUC and was completing my internship at South River. My college roommate at Florida, Samantha Farrell, took the head coaching job there and I became an assistant coach. I have been with South River ever since.

CSZ:Why do you coach? What about it do you enjoy?

CC:Some of my greatest role models have been my coaches. My mom coached me through middle school where I first fell in love with the game and she taught me how to be a good sport. Sue Chittim, was my high school coach at St. Mary's and is now my boss at Annapolis High School. She taught me how to be a leader and continues to do that to this day. Amanda O'Leary was my coach at Florida and showed me how to build a foundation from the ground up with hard work and determination.

I coach because it is important to teach young athletes the importance of hard work, great leadership skills, good sportsmanship and most of all, to have fun. My coaches have shaped who I am today and I hope to do the same for my players.

CSZ:Specifically South River- why do you enjoy coaching there?

CC:What is there not to enjoy about coaching at South River High School? First off, I am surrounded by the best support staff in the county. My Athletic Director, Dave Klingel, has been a great mentor to me. I have the upmost respect my two assistant coaches, Theresa Zichelli and Dave Schwartz. Not only are they great coaches, they have become great friends which adds to the dynamic of our program. I also get to be around amazing great student-athletes every day. They are a joy to coach and I admire their hard work.

CSZ:What're some characteristics of teams that are coached by you? What do you try to instill in your players?

CC:There are many characteristics that are important to a coach. However hard work, positive attitude, and determination all embody the framework of teamwork.

Teamwork is the most important characteristic at South River. Lacrosse is a team sport. It takes every single person on the team to believe in the goal in order to be successful. We instill in our players that being a good teammate means that you go 100% in every workout, practice, warm-up, and game. We had that camaraderie this year, which led to our successful season.

CSZ:Talk a little about coaching lacrosse in Anne Arundel County. Is it a fun league to coach in because of the amount of programs in it capable of winning state championships?

CC:I grew up in Anne Arundel County and played for St. Mary's High School. This is the best league to coach in. Annapolis is a hotbed for lacrosse and we get to face some of the toughest competition in the country in our county. Over the past couple of years we have crossed over with Howard County and play their top teams. This has only made our program stronger and I believe is one of the reasons that led us to a state championship this year.

CSZ:It ended up being a tremendous season for South River's girls lacrosse program, winning the state championship for the first time since 2010. Why was this group able to do so well?

CC:The coaching staff felt something different with this team from the first practice. They were excited and we could feel the determined energy. Our captains helped create the best team chemistry a coach could ask for. My players rooted for one another and no one was in a competition with one another. They only had one goal in mind and it was a state championship.

CSZ:It's a ways off, but looking ahead, what are your goals and expectations for South River girls lacrosse next season?

CC:I set high expectations for my players. I keep them high because I believe they can reach them. The goal is the same. I hope to be in that state final game again next year and coming home with another championship. We will work as a team to get there and have fun along the way.

July 24th, 2018By: Wick Eisenberg

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