Montgomery County Baseball Honors

Congratulations to the 2018 baseball all-district selections from Montgomery County, as well as the all-division teams! CSZ would like to thank Farron Riggs, the baseball sport director for Montgomery County, for supplying us with this information.

A couple things of note:

1- The teams were selected by the baseball coaches from Montgomery County Public Schools.

2- The teams are not sponsored directly by Montgomery County Public Schools.

All-District Team

Michael Bouma, IF, Sherwood HS

Joey Curtin, IF, Einstein HS

Tyler Demartino, IF, Walt Whitman HS

Brady Pearre, IF, Poolesville HS

Ryan Haddaway, IF, Poolesville HS

Ryan Mariani, IF, Wootton HS

Sebastian Mieses, OF, Bethesda Chevy Chase HS

Jamie Mills, OF, Bethesda Chevy Chase HS

Matt McTighe, OF, Rockville HS

Justin Carboni, OF, Walt Whitman HS

Ethan Rindner, OF, Churchill HS

Ethan Wentzlaff, OF, Damascus HS

Ben Vok, P, Sherwood HS

Chris Ribaudo, P, Rockville HS

Kyle Peterson, P, Walter Johnson HS

Jacob Thompson, P, Clarksburg HS

Tyler Woodward, C, Gaithersburg HS

Bryan Gurcan, C, Quince Orchard HS

3A/2A Selections

First Team

MVP: Ethan Wentzlaff, Damscus HS

Most Valuable Pitcher: Chris Ribaudo, Rockville HS

Chris Ribaudo, Pitcher, Rockville HS

Connor Manion, Pitcher, Damascus HS

Kyle Dameron, Pitcher, Magruder HS

Kevin Finn, Catcher, Watkins Mill HS

Will Wheeler, 1B, Rockville HS

Michael Pankowski, 2B, Rockville HS

Brady Pearre, SS, Poolesville HS

Ryan Haddaway, 3B, Poolesville HS

Ethan Wentzlaff, OF, Damascus HS

Jordan Douville, OF, Magruder HS

Matt McTighe, OF, Rockville HS

Jalen Tombs, Utility, Seneca Valley HS

Second Team

Phoenix Spiller, Pitcher, Blake HS

Lucas Richards, Pitcher, Watkins Mill HS

Luke Trythall, Pitcher, Poolesville HS

Matt Convers, Catcher, Poolesville HS

Tyler Retherford, 1B, Damascus HS

Nick Marley, 2B, Damascus HS

Lucas Ribaudo, SS, Rockville HS

Drew Dameron, 3B, Magruder HS

Mark Kline, OF, Damascus HS

David Hill, OF, Blake HS

Bradley Jamison, OF, Damascus HS

Bryan Jamison, Utility, Damascus HS

4A North Selections

Player of the Year- Michael Bouma SHERWOOD

Pitcher of the Year- Ben Vok SHERWOOD

1B, Kyle Ferreira PAINT BRANCH,Nate HelsingBLAIR

2B, Jake Becker SHERWOOD, Alex Williams PAINT BRANCH

SS, Zach Dunne BLAIR, Luke Cheng SHERWOOD

3B, JP Yore SHERWOOD, Joey Merrill BLAIR


OF, Edi Montero BLAIR, Michael Mbony SHERWOOD

OF, Henry Wiebe BLAIR, Steven Niepa SPRINGBROOK

OF, Chris Hatcher PAINT BRANCH

P, Sebastian Kraft BLAIR, Jason Skeen PAINT BRANCH

P, Bradshaw Steeley SHERWOOD, Alex Sims PAINT BRANCH

P, Trevor McCormick SHERWOOD , Michael Layman NORTHWOOD

UT, Brady Andre SHERWOOD, Sam Sheppard PAINT BRANCH

4A South Selections

Player of the Year- Ethan Rindner (Churchill)

Pitcher of the Year- Kyle Petersen (Walter Johnson)

First Team

Ben Nardi, 1B, Churchill

Shinny Ishiyama, 2B, Whitman

Joey Curtain, SS, Einstein

Tyler Demartino, 3B, Whitman

James Heffley, C, Einstein

Sebastian Mieses, OF, B-CC

Jamie Mills, OF, B-CC

Justin Carboni, OF, Whitman

Simon Fettig, Utility, Churchill

Brendan Hughes, P, B-CC

Thomas Baer, P, B-CC

Justin Hughes, P, Walter Johnson

Second Team

Kevin Dunne, 1B, B-CC

Drew Packs, 2B, B-CC

Lucas Bartusek, SS, Wheaton

Michael Depasquale, 3B, Wheaton

Kelvin Pedroza, C, Wheaton

Evan Hall, OF, Einstein

Michael Janis, OF, Churchill

Alex Lacola, OF, Walter Johnson

Noah Cerrud-Osmer, Utility, Walter Johnson

Colin Brown, P, Einstein

Anushka Fernando, P, Wheaton

Kelvin Amparo, P, Kennedy

4A West Selections

Most Valuable Player- Tyler Woodward, Gaithersburg

Most Outstanding Pitcher- Jacob Thompson, Clarksburg

First Team

Bryan Gurcan, C, Quince Orchard

Chase Robinson, 1B, Clarksburg

Ryan Mariani, MF, Wootton

Conor Walsh, MF, Wootton

Ethan Frank, 3B, Quince Orchard

Harrison Cance, Utility, Wootton

Mathew Mulhern, OF, Northwest

Kevin Arnold, OF, Gaithersburg

Jordan Qassis, OF, Northwest

Drew Sturgess, P, Richard Montgomery

Kevin Allison, P, Gaithersburg

Garrett Beloff, P, Quince Orchard

Second Team

Dylan Jaeger, C, Northwest

Ryan Kelly, 1B, Gaithersburg

Chris Vondas, MF, Wootton

Nathan Proctor, MF, Clarksburg

Gabe Pollack, 3B, Wootton

Andrew Abrams, Utility, Clarksburg

Bryan DeCarlo, OF, Gaithersburg

Tarique McClary, OF, Quince Orchard

Niko Jones, OF, Wootton

Mark Schwendinger, P, Quince Orchard

Ben Bowman, P, Wootton

Dev Zoks, P, Wootton

May 21st, 2018By: Wick Eisenberg

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