Gaithersburg High School to Host Pass-A-Thon and Lacrosse Clinic on March 25

For the second straight year, Gaithersburg's boys lacrosse team will be hosting a Pass-A-Thon fundraiser, and a free clinic for kids from first to eighth grade.

The event will take place March 25 from 6 AM to 6 PM at Gaithersburg High School. During that time, members of the Gaithersburg boys lacrosse team will keep a lacrosse ball in motion throughout the entire 12 hour period. There will be numerous competitions, and a large number of Trojan lacrosse alumni are expected to come out for the event.

"We ended up doing it towards the end of the season last year, but the kids had a blast," head coach Peter Park said. "We talked about it over the summer and decided to do it again, but to move it up to earlier in the season so that we could enjoy the weather more."

A majority of the funds raised goes to the Gaithersburg lacrosse program. The hope is to raise money to go towards having more team equipment, including more helmets, gloves and pads, which means being able to have more kids on the roster.

Not all of the money went to the Trojans lacrosse program though. Last year, the team gave a portion of the donations to a fund at Gaithersburg that helps kids struggling to pay the money required to take college entrance exams. Park plans to do something similar this year, but not without consulting the seniors on his team first.

"We'll discuss what area of the school we could help," Park said. "We want to think of a group or area at Gaithersburg that could really use a money donation."

Another aim of the event is to get younger kids involved with the sport at an earlier time in their lives. Park says it was a major hit last year, and hopes to have an even bigger turnout this year. Kids of all experience with the sport can attend.

At the clinic, the younger kids can expect to go over the fundamentals of lacrosse with current members of the Trojans team including passing, catching and picking up ground balls. After that, numerous competitions will be held including fastest shot, a relay and even a 3 v 3 tournament.

It should be an exciting day, and one that will help both the current state of Gaithersburg lacrosse, as well as the future of it.

For more information on how to donate, email Kris Bradsher at!

For more info on the Pass-A-Thon, click here:pass a thon flier (1)

For more info on the lacrosse clinic, click here:lacrosse mini clinic
March 2nd, 2017By: Wick Eisenberg

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