Hunter Lowe of Winters Mill Wrestling Named January 2017 US Army Impact Player of the Month

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Hunter Lowe, a member of the wrestling team at Winters Mill High School in Carroll County, has been named the US Army Impact Player of the Month for January!

Lowe, a junior who predominately competes in the 182-pound weight class, is the first recipient of the award from Carroll County. He was nominated for the award by his coach, who also happens to be his father, John Lowe.

To John Lowe, it was seeing his son be enthusiastic about being involved in his community that made him want to nominate him.

"Hunter is a mentor to disadvantaged youth at Cranberry Station Elementary School in Westminster. He served there each week during the fall football season," John Lowe wrote in his nomination. "This month, Hunter served in multiple capacities as our program hosted the Maryland State Wrestling Association's 'Future Champions Series Tournament'. Hunter spent over 14 hours either setting up or breaking down four mats, scoring tables, and the concession stand."

The younger Lowe's involvement at that Future Champions Series Tournament did not stop there. That weekend he also helped with scoring matches, officiating, coaching, working at the concession stand, and handing out medals.

It was while handing out medals that Hunter Lowe's confident and respectful manner really shone through when the mother of a young wrestler came to argue her son's place in the tournament. Believing there was a mistake with the scoring process, the mother spoke with Hunter Lowe believing that her son actually deserved a gold or silver medal, not the bronze one he'd been given.

"Hunter had to politely explain the rules of scoring and how her son had actually earned a bronze medal. He was courteous, patient, and the family left with the appropriate medal and no hard feelings," John Lowe said. "I have a number of coaches in my program, and hardly any of them could have handled those situations so smoothly-the fact that a 16-year-old was able to do so makes it even more impressive."

The manner in which Hunter Lowe was able to handle that difficult situation doesn't come as a shock to Scott Tobias, who coached him in both freshman and JV football.

"Hunter is a young man with outstanding character. He's upbeat and doesn't show emotion during the highs and lows of a contest," Tobias said. "A complete team player, he is a bright, coachable young man who accepts constructive criticism."

Hunter Lowe also isn't afraid to take on new challenges. Last spring, Hunter Lowe decided to join Winters Mill's outdoor track team as a runner. When a few members of the team told Winters Mill's track coach, Dan Replogle, that Hunter Lowe planned to join the team he was excited because he always wants to find new athletes to join his team.

It was how those members of the team described Hunter Lowe though that made Replogle think it could be a perfect addition for his team.

"Most important was how highly they spoke of him and how positive they were about his joining. I found them to be correct," Replogle said. "One of Hunter's greatest attributes was how seamlessly and quickly he fit in with our team. He's very likeable, friendly and quick to smile."

In addition to being a three sport athlete, Hunter Lowe likes to challenge in the classroom. He's currently enrolled in four AP level classes this semester, and is a member of the National Art Honor Society.

To Tobias, who is also Hunter Lowe's engineering teacher, it's his commitment in the classroom that makes him an exemplary example for his peers.

"He is a good student who does not complete assignments 'just for a grade'. He seems genuinely interested and intrigued by the content of the course. He is a good natured young man," Tobias said. "Hunter is a true definition of a student athlete. He maintains a rigorous course load while competing in multiple sports."

The Impact Player of the Month Award is given to an individual who has impacted their team in a positive way, both on and off the field. Nominations will be accepted from any high school that reports scores to CSZ year-round, and can be submitted by parents, coaches, teachers or fellow students. Each honoree will receive a custom trophy from Crown Trophy and the opportunity for a videotaped award presentation at their school with a member of the U.S. Army.

County Sports Zone would like to thank the U.S. Army for sponsoring the Impact Player Award!

Click here to watch Hunter get presented his trophy!

Congratulations to Hunter!
February 3rd, 2017By: Wick Eisenberg

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