Dalton Webber of Poolesville Golf Named U.S. Army Impact Player of the Month


Dalton Webber, a member of the golf team at Poolesville High School in Montgomery County, has been named this month's CSZ/US Army Impact Player of the Month!

Webber, who is a junior, was nominated for the award by his coach, Michelle Hunsicker-Blair.

"What makes Dalton so special is his ability to be calm and level-headed in golf and life," Hunsicker-Blair wrote in her nomination.

Webber has been a member of the golf team since his freshman year, and holds the number one position for Poolesville this season. His current playing average is 47.2. Webber's coach praised him for being trustworthy, driven and an excellent leader.

One way Webber leads is by showing great sportsmanship. Hunsicker-Blair said Webber is always quick to congratulate a competitor if they hit a nice shot, or have a great round.

Webber is also a true asset for the Poolesville golf program from a teaching perspective.

"He is an excellent mentor to our younger and newer golfers, always offering assistance and encouragement," Hunsicker-Blair wrote.

Away from golf, Webber is a very active member of his community. He spent part of this past summer working as a counselor at a camp for children with special needs. Webber is involved in numerous extracurricular activities and clubs at Poolesville, all while maintaining a very high GPA.

"Dalton's impact is felt throughout the team, and his competitors," Hunsicker-Blair wrote.

County Sports Zone would like to thank the US Army for sponsoring the Impact Player Award!

Click here to watch Dalton get presented with his trophy!

Congratulations to Dalton!
October 6th, 2016By: Wick Eisenberg

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