Ask the AD - Mike McEwan, Loch Raven High School

This summer, CSZ will be doing a segment on the WICKipedia entitled "Ask the AD". In this feature, we'll be conducting Q&A's with various athletic directors around Maryland to learn more about how different high schools run their athletic programs, and what to expect from them in the future.

Today, we're featuring Mike McEwan from Loch Raven High School in Baltimore County! It was another strong year for the Raiders, with the boys soccer team winning the MPSSAA 2A North region title and making the state semifinals as one of the stand out performance.

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County Sports Zone:How did you become the Loch Raven athletic director? How did your appointment come about?

Mike McEwan:I was a social studies teacher at Loch Raven and helped the AD out while he went out on medical leave. From that bit of experience I was referred to the AD opening at Western Tech and left to become the AD at Western Tech. I was the AD over there for almost five years when I heard that the AD at Loch Raven was retiring. I live in Towson, so I applied and was fortunate to get the job.

CSZ:What're a couple keys to running a successful athletic program?

MM:I'm fortunate to be surrounded by great people. I have a very supportive and understanding wife and principal. I also have a wonderful booster club, a hardworking grounds crew and great coaches who care about their programs, and well-being of our athletes. You can never be too organized and triple check everything you do.

CSZ:If someone wants to coach at Loch Raven, what qualities do they need to have in order for you to consider them?

MM:They should have an extensive knowledge in their sport, be able to put in the time, and have the athletes' best interest in mind at all times.

CSZ:What are a couple things you're most proud of during your time at Loch Raven as an AD?

MM:I started the Loch Raven Athletic Hall of Fame, helped to shape the current remodeling of our athletic facilities, and have added numerous amenities such as scoreboards and glass backboards.

CSZ:How would you rate this past school year for Loch Raven's athletic program? Were there a couple highlights that stand out?

MM:This past season was exciting and exhausting. The best part of it might have been the boys soccer team and their dramatic playoff run.

CSZ:Last year you had a new path put in on campus so people could get to and from the stadium more easily. Has the new path positively affected Loch Raven athletics like you had hoped?

MM:Yes, the path is actually only an emergency access road for emergency vehicles along with a footpath and ramp for pedestrians. The path has been very helpful in the event of dangerous weather to be able to bring the opposing bus down to the stadium for extra shelter. It's also much easier to travel around to the different fields to check on the different games and/or practices going on simultaneously.

CSZ:What do you enjoy most about your job?

MM:I get to work with some of the best kids in the school and I'm not stuck in just one spot all day. The best part is definitely having to go set up a field on a nice crisp fall morning instead of being stuck under a florescent light.

CSZ:How do you view the athletic director's job within the community of a high school?

MM:I view my job as someone who helps to promote the school's pride on a daily basis. You can tell as soon as you walk into a school if the school has a school spirit. I think athletics had an important role in promoting that pride and even keeping some kids on track for success.

CSZ:Looking ahead, is there anything exciting or new we should be on the look out for from Loch Raven's athletic department?

MM:In addition to a new/used golf cart and some flashy new uniforms, I'm partnering with Sean Landeta and the Loch Raven Booster Club to try and replace our horrific football goal posts.

CSZ:Anything else you want to share with us about Loch Raven's athletics program?

MM:Follow us on twitter at @LRRaiders
June 24th, 2016By: Wick Eisenberg

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