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This summer, CSZ will be doing a segment on the WICKipedia entitled "Ask the AD". In this feature, we'll be conducting Q&A's with various athletic directors around Maryland to learn more about how different high schools run their athletic programs, and what to expect from them in the future.

Today, we're featuring Keith Adams from Wheaton High School in Montgomery County! Keith just finished his first year of being Wheaton's athletic director, which was a big one for the school because it moved to a new building during this past winter.

Despite the tough conditions, Wheaton's athletics excelled this year. In the fall, cross country were division champions, and football made it to the regional finals. Wrestling had a big year in the winter, winning its division and having Xavier Howard win his region. The spring season saw the boys volleyball team win its division too.

County Sports Zone:How was your first year of being Wheaton's athletic director?

Keith Adams:My first year as athletic director at Wheaton High School was amazing. A tremendously positive experience.

CSZ:Is there anything about the job that has surprised you?

KA:The biggest thing that has surprised me about the AD job is the amount of basic knowledge you need to have about every sport in order to support the student-athletes and coaching staffs.

CSZ:How would you rate this past academic year for Wheaton's athletic program? Were there a couple highlights that stand out?

KA:Wheaton student-athletes' average GPA was 3.14. We had a 96% eligibility rate. Student-athletes who participated in more than one sport had better GPA's than those who only played one sport. We also had over 60 student-athletes compete in all three seasons.

CSZ:You had the unique situation of dealing with the school moving sites from the old building to the new one. Was that a big challenge, and how did it affect Wheaton's athletics this past year?

KA:It is not often that you physically move not only a school but an entire athletic department in the middle of the school year, but the staff and students came together and got it done. Kudos to them. The biggest challenge was staying organized both academically and athletically.

CSZ:What are the athletic facilities like in the new building?

KA:We have a small college facility, our main gym seats close to 1200. We have a large weight room, a wrestling room, and a dance studio, among other things. We are excited for our future.

CSZ:What do you enjoy most about your job?

KA:Working with student-athletes on a daily basis, without question.

CSZ:How do you view the athletic director's role within the community of a high school?

KA:The athletic director plays an important role in assisting the school community come together.

Academically - the AD supports the overall vision and mission of the school by encouraging student-athletes to perform their best academically.

Athletically - the AD supports the total school athletic program by encouraging students to participate and providing the resources needed to achieve excellence.

Community- the AD supports the community by hosting athletic contests within a safe environment so that all members of the family can enjoy a spirited competition. In addition, the AD also has to travel to various schools and events across the county, region and country as a positive representative of Wheaton High School and MCPS.

I take those roles very seriously.

CSZ:Is there anything exciting or new we should be on the look out for from Wheaton's athletic department?

KA:As we grow and settle in our new building, we will continue to establish ourselves as a program on the rise.

CSZ:What are your long term goals for Wheaton's athletics program?

KA:To assist our student-athletes in finding the balance between academic and athletic excellence. Through that lens we will improve our results both in the classroom and on the playing fields and courts.

CSZ:Anything else you want to share with us about Wheaton's athletics program?

KA:We are grateful for the work CSZ does. Thank you for all you do to support student-athletes.
June 22nd, 2016By: Wick Eisenberg

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