Ask the AD - Jim Tapley, Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School

This summer, CSZ will be doing a segment on the WICKipedia entitled "Ask the AD". In this feature, we'll be conducting Q&A's with various athletic directors around Maryland to learn more about how different high schools run their athletic programs, and what to expect from them in the future.

Our first post in this series features Jim Tapley from Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Montgomery County, who will be retiring this year after being involved in high school athletics for 38 years! On behalf of all of us from CSZ, we'd like to thank Jim for his many years of service towards providing an excellent environment for student athletes to compete!

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County Sports Zone:How did you become the B-CC athletic director? How did your appointment come about?

Jim Tapley:I was the AD at Northwest High School for 10 years. When the AD's job became available at B-CC in the spring of 2012, I interviewed for the job. I was interested in B-CC because I graduated from the school in 1976. I knew the school to be outstanding. It has been great to be here for the past four years.

CSZ:How has the position changed since you started? How is it the same?

JT:The job has changed some over the 14 years that I have been an athletic director in MCPS. There are more sports, more stipend positions (including trainers), and a lot more technology now. What has not changed is the job is still very demanding.

CSZ:What're a couple keys to running a successful athletic program?

JT:The keys to running a successful program are to set clear expectations, hire and develop outstanding people and always keep in mind that we are here for the kids. This is educationally based athletics. What is important is the kids develop as people.

CSZ:What are a couple things you're most proud of during your time at B-CC?

JT:When I came to B-CC, I observed that there was a lack of trust among the different stakeholders. What I tried to do to change that was to be frank and transparent with people. I feel that approach helped bring the staff, students and parents closer together.

CSZ:Do you have a favorite team, or season, from your time at B-CC? What was it about that team or season that makes it your favorite?

JT:As an AD, I like all of the sports. I do have a fond memory of seeing our bocce team win the state championship. Seeing the joy on the kids' faces really moved me. I was so happy for them.

CSZ:What have you enjoyed most about your time spent at B-CC?

JT:The thing I have enjoyed the most here at B-CC are the people. The administration has been terrific to work with. One of the highlights of my career as an athletic director has been working with the B-CC Boosters parents. I am very proud of our coaches, and of course it's about the kids. They make this a super place to work.

CSZ:How do you view the athletic director's role within the community of a high school?

JT:The AD has a big role in the community. This is especially true in a crisis situation. People look to the AD to keep the kids and coaches safe at all times.

CSZ:Do you know your replacement, Donna Considine, and if so, what is she bringing to the AD position at B-CC?

JT:I have worked closely with Donna Considine for the past five weeks. She has been a complete pleasure to work with during this transition time. Donna will do a great job. She brings a lot of experience to the position.

CSZ:What advice do you have for Donna as she starts at B-CC?

JT:Be good to people. I know she will do that.

CSZ:How do you plan to spend your retirement?

JT:I do not have any concrete plans for what I will do in retirement. But I will stay busy doing something positive.
June 21st, 2016By: Wick Eisenberg

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